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    C9 Level 50 -57 Unique Weapons Stats


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    C9 Level 50 -57 Unique Weapons Stats

    Post by Aleizter on Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:52 am

    Thanks to the Night Stalker Release event we will be able
    to buy temporary lv 50 - 57 unique weapons.

    So here's our chance to create a topic where
    we will have all these unique weapon base stats available.

    For better readability screenshots have been placed in Spoilers.

    Fighter's Lv57 Unique Weapons (Look  below for Berzerker's Lv50-57 Unique Weapons):

    If the image is cropped, click the link below
    to open the image from the Image Hoster
    FIghter's Lv50-57 Unique Weapons
    Berserker's Lv50-57 unique Weapons:

    Hunter's Lv50-57 Unique Weapons (Look below for Gunslinger's Weapons):

    Gunslinger's Lv50-57 unique Weapons:

    Shaman's Lv50-57 unique Weapons (Look below for Physical Tao's, Reaperess' and Demonisher's Weapons):

    Taoist's Lv50-57 unique Rods:

    Reaperess' Lv50-57 unique Scythes:

    Demonisher's  Lv50-57 unique Weapons:

    Witchblade's Lv50-57 Unique Weapons (Look below for Night Stalker's Weapons):

    Night Stalker's Lv50-57 Unique Weapons:

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