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    How to join AwakenHeroz


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    How to join AwakenHeroz

    Post by AwakenSpirit on Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:01 am

    So, if you're here, maybe you are wondering
    how you could join our awesome guild  Razz
    The best way to do so, is to add any of the officers listed below,
    to your friend list to see if he is on and whisper him or her for an invitation.
    ChrisGuardian    Chrissan     ChrisSlinger    Christorphor    ChrisXecutor    
    Elyndra    DanceWith    MyBladez    empireXempire    FireDreamz    Jabari    
    Kentpsykos    RisingElementalist    RisingMystic    RisingReaperess    
    RisingWarden    S1adjana    Zklandrina

    Otherwise u can use the World Chat and ask for an AwakenHeroz Officer.

    !!!!! Before ever trying to join AwakenHeroz, be sure to know about The Rules.

    Here are our join requirements :

    We recruit active maturely behaving players
    that have a good overall knowledge about the
    game's mechanics or have a level 51+ character.

    That's because we look for quality over quantity Wink

    But we don't mind joking and trolling a bit Razz

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