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    The Rules


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    The Rules

    Post by AwakenSpirit on Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:27 am

    Be nice, polite and helpful. These are our basics Wink


    Don't use full capital letters on Guid Chat unless it's really, really necessary.


    After a single warning the followings behaviours will be sanctionned :

    • Use of rude or impolite language on Guild Chat.
    • Tease or insult a Guildie.
    • Use of racist, sexist, sexual, homophobic, etc... language on any chat including shout.
    • Intrude a Guildie or one from AfterDark (simply leave unless he agrees to fight)

    !!!!! Overriding any of the don'ts above once, will lead to temporary Chat Ban.
    !!!!! Overriding any of the don'ts above twice, will lead to permanent Guild Ban.

    !!!!! Scamming any C9 player will lead to permanent Guild Ban immediately

    If we have such rules it's because we all want to enjoy a Peaceful Guild with no dramas Wink


    Offline duration allowance according to guild ranks :

    • Newcomers : 10 days
    • Commoners : 20 days
    • Faithful and above : 30 days

    In order to make guild members management easier
    and to avoid being kicked, log on with your characters before
    the offline duration exceeds the one allowed by your guild rank.

    If you have a character ranked higher than newcommer
    all your other alts will be allowed this character's offline time limit.

    If you plan to be offline for a duration that exceeds the one allowed
    by your guild rank, just post in the offline report forum

    This offline duration rule will be strongly applied
    if we need to free slots for newcomers.

    So, in this case , lowest guild rank Heroz and the ones
    who earned the least amount of Guild Points
    will be kicked out of the guild first (Rank will always prevail).

    They could join anytime again provided there are free slots.


    If you are an AwakenHeroz Guildie, have a look at this post
    from time to time as these rules may be subject to changes


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