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    AwakenHeroz Guild's History

    Post by AwakenSpirit on Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:19 am

    Back in July 2012 Yin entered the World of Glenheim
    to fight the Evil that was starting to rise.

    He wanted to defend this world so much and thought
    that allying with some Fierce Warriors like him
    would ease his perilous task greatly.

    So he visited Stephano the Guild Manager in the town
    of Waterford and registered AwakenHeroz, in the hope
    he could gather a small Fearless Army.

    At this times, loads of Heroes died on the war fronts
    all over Glenheim and he sadly realized he couldn't
    fulfill his dreams for the time being.

    But soon Yin heard about a guild, were Heroes like him
    we gathering, the name of which was Epic, ruled
    by the famous Prosexion.

    The echoes of victories over Yin's enemies had spread
    all over the land and when he finally reached the door
    of this guild, its members welcomed him heartedly.

    He had a great time there and was promoted to Guild Officer
    for all his good deeds towards the Guild and Glenheim.

    Unfortunately, after sometimes, some disagreements
    arose between Prosexion and some officers including Yin.

    During all the time he had spent In Epic
    he had gained popularity among the members
    and when he decided to leave some of these members
    and several officers followed him.

    So, in August 2013 AwakenHeroz became active again,
    populated with the Heroz that had followed Yin's departure from Epic.

    Yin and his followers agreed that the guild leadership would be shared
    by several officers, to avoid the disorder that could appear,
    should a unique Guild leader go missing on the battlefield.

    The Heroz worked hard to build their dream guild.
    And with the gold they had gathered from their enemies
    strongholds plunder, they could achieve their goal in no time.

    Meanwhile they started recruiting new Heroz
    and due to their good work could provide them
    with potent buffs and skills to become Stronger
    and defend Glenheim better against the Evil.

    Though they are now satisfied with the results
    they keep pushing their hard work to get
    better buffs, to outdo their dream Guild,
    as the Evil is spreading and getting stronger.

    AwakenHeroz is now a level 13 Guild.

    Additional Infos on Webzen's C9 Guild Ranking Page

    Maximized Skills (level 5)

    • Unity - STR+30
    • Fitness Trainning - HTH+30
    • Lucid Choice - WIS+30
    • Sage's Choice - INT+30
    • Flooding Energy - HP+200
    • Magic Power - MP+200
    • Iron Body - Physical Defense +5% +25
    • Iron Will - Magic Defense +5% +25
    • United Physical Power - Attack Power +5% +10
    • United Magical Power - Magical Attack +5% +10

    Unique and Perfect Buffs :

    • Unique 2013 Christmas Tree - STR+30 (unrestricted level)
    • Unique 2013 Sleigh of Rudolf - WIS+30 (unrestricted level)
    • Perfect Stately Baroque Steel Candlestick - STR+26 (level 51)
    • Perfect Intricate Rococo Wooden Chair - WIS+26 (level 51)
    • Perfect Intricate Rococo Rocking Chair - Attack Power+2.6% (level51)
    • Perfect Intricate Rococo Dinning Chair - Magical Attack+3.3% (level43)

    If you're a Visitor willing to join AwakenHeroz,
    then you'll have to know about The Rules and how to Get In

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