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    Gear/Costumes for all classes!


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    Gear/Costumes for all classes!

    Post by Zklandrina on Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:01 pm

    How many times have you been "hmm this Gear is starting to get old, I want a new one.... but which?"

    Or when you try sell something and you get offer "WTT for ...." And you be like, "What set is that again?"

    Well here's the solution for you!

    Check out this webpage and search through Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, Witchblade and Mystic costumes!

    Enjoy and I hope you find it usefull.


    http://board.ini3.co.th/viewthread.php?tid=249498 <--- (This contains not all new gears, and not any for mystic)

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