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    C9 5th Continent Skillbooks


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    C9 5th Continent Skillbooks

    Post by Yin on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:07 am

    Skillbooks for C9 5th Continent
    The First 4 Books i list will be Dimensional Boss books
    then 2 Bardiel Books, and last 4 Stage NPC Books.

    Common Books can have 1 to 2 Stars Potency
    Magic Books Can have 1 to 3 Stars Potency
    Rare Books can have 2 to 5 Stars Potency
    Perfect Books can have 3 to 6 Stars Potency
    on Set Effect all single books Potency is counted together
    wich results i.e 23 Stars, wich means by then you get 4 Set Effects as listed below

    Fighter Books

    Guardian Skillbooks:
    Blademaster Skillbooks:
    Warrior Skillbooks:
    Berserker Skillbooks:

    Hunter Books

    Assassin Skillbooks:
    Shadow Skillbooks:
    Scout Skillbooks:
    Ranger Skillbooks:
    Gunslinger Skillbooks:

    Shaman Books

    Elementalist Shine Skillbooks:
    Elementalist Shade Skillbooks:
    Illusionist Skillbooks:
    Taoist Physical Skillbooks:
    Taoist Magical Skillbooks:
    Reaper Skillbooks:
    Demonisher Skillbooks:

    Witchblade Books

    Warden Skillbooks:
    Slayer Skillbooks:
    Bladedancer Skillbooks:

    Mystic Books

    Battlemaiden Skillbooks:

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